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Test more efficiently with GenAI

Test more efficiently with GenAI

Run GenAI written tests for your entire codebase while you’re on a coffee break!

The era of shift left-testing arrived but our products did not change… At KushoAI, we’re bringing you a testing tool that will match pace with the dynamic shipping cycles of your team. 

You have to catch issues before they reach production and impact users but since testing is so time-consuming it’s often a bottleneck.

Manual testing helps you debug specific problems but it’s painstakingly slow. AI-driven testing ensures you get consistent in-depth coverage and reduces human error. 

The best part? It’s lightning fast. Kusho looks at every scenario, writes your tests, and executes them instantly.

In fact, KushoAI can auto-run relevant test suites at any stage of your CI/CD pipeline. A release that affects millions of customers? We’ve got you.

You can run tests for a single API, group some APIs together, or run tens of APIs with a single click! Writing and executing tests usually take hours. Now you can do it in a matter of minutes.

For every test, you get a request, response, assertions, and assertions results tab. You can generate assertions with GenAI and say goodbye to your testing woes forever.

With assertion testing, detecting small and subtle errors that lead to notorious bugs is possible. When an assertion returns as false, it’s a warning system like in cars when the petrol must be re-fuelled, and your test fails.

Now you know exactly where to intervene to ship pristine code in a matter of minutes.