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Add API inputs in many easy ways

Add API inputs in many easy ways

As developers, you deserve robust tools. We understand the laundry list of items you must get to and let’s not even get into the time spent in meetings.

At Kusho, we’ve built a GenAI test automation product that adapts to the needs of your job, and can save you a couple of hours daily.

Kusho solves your testing bottleneck by simulating test scenarios, running tests, validating them, and helping you discover bugs. The best part is that you can enter API details from your existing workflow.

Choose whatever way suits you best:

  1. Just enter API Details: you can manually enter your API details and provide basic details like HTTP method, the endpoint URL, headers, path params , query params etc. and let Kusho do the rest! 
  2. Import OpenAPI specs: if you prefer breezy documentation and swear by OpenAPI specs, you can also easily import your collection.
  3. Import your existing Postman Collections: since you already spend so much time maintaining your Postman Collections, we ensure you can directly import them, and Kusho can generate on top of it. 
  4. Copy/paste your cURL command: If you don’t want to switch out of your environment, you can create test suites by entering a cURL command. 

In the middle of a crazy workday and wish there was someone to help you test quickly and reliably? Test with Kusho and let us know if you have any feedback!