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Explore tests for hundreds of public APIs

The thing with age-old and persisting tech problems is that we start accepting them as reality.

As software builders, we have to pick between our team’s release timelines and the stability of frequent releases.

Customer experience, massive revenue, and brand reputation are all on the line.

Push to production and fix later is a mindset that also harms devs because they often have to drop everything to fix bugs in production.

At KushoAI, we’re building an AI agent for API testing so you never have to write tests manually again. We’ve trained an LLM thoroughly and refined its pattern-matching abilities to ensure that the coverage and accuracy for your backend APIs are the gold standard.

Want to test out this promise? Watch KushoAI in action on the public APIs of popular companies https://app.kusho.ai/explore

Of course, we can do this for all your internal APIs in minutes. All you have to do is sign up here https://kusho.ai/

Glitches that cost money? Infamous bugs that create unprecedented damage? Now devs can catch them as they code.