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Is there a single AI tool other than ChatGPT worth paying for?

Is there a single AI tool other than ChatGPT worth paying for?

There’s no doubt that ChatGPT is the tool of the decade (Sora ftw), and there’s a gold rush in AI, but do you actually pay for tools outside of it?

ChatGPT covers all your basic uses like getting help with a content plan for this week and subscriptions to GPT Plus cover the more nuanced uses like a recipe generator basis your food likes, dislikes, and allergies.

Right now, by default, our everyday interaction with AI is via tools we’re already using. Maybe it’s Excel, or Canva, or Notion, or Duolingo. We’re mostly only aware of interacting with AI as a chatbot with learnability and character, as a creator of generative images, or as a popup to our workflows.

We might have tried DALL-E or character.ai or made a song for our valentine using Suno but it’s hard to imagine doing this daily. It might be because the most prolific interface for AI right now is a chatbot. It might be because the GPT store is still super nascent. It might be because even tech hardware aimed at creative work like the iPad for example doesn’t have an AI suite yet.

If there’s a gold rush in AI isn’t it natural to ask if that also applies to our experience as consumers? I’m curious to know if there’s any AI tool (outside of ChatGPT) that you can’t picture your daily life without. It can be something small too like the equivalent of a step counter!

Plus, do you pay for any AI tools from your pocket? Outside of whatever your workplace offers.

Are there any tools on your radar that you would definitely pay for if you could share the subscription?

We’ve gotten used to paying for content streaming platforms whether that’s Netflix, Apple TV, Spotify, or YouTube Premium. It will be interesting to see how this plays out with AI.

Will smaller tools team up and start bundling themself together? Will marketplaces flourish? Will 1000 true fans apply to GenAI tools? Who knows.