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Welcome to a new era of software building

Gearing up for an AI-powered world

Humanity has beaten every prediction of its demise because of new technology.
To unlock human progress, we enlisted computers, our brothers in arms.

Since we’ve been gradually lending human intelligence to computers — they’ve become responsive building blocks. ChatGPT is the tool of the decade not because it’s more intelligent than you but because it responds to you intelligently. 

At KushoAI, we believe that the job of technology is to empower people. We’re building AI agents trained for specific problems to unlock value at a pace faster than ever before.

The problem we’re solving is an underrated one: a hidden gem almost. There are more than 25 million developers globally — all with a common problem. Developers quietly shipping code (undisturbed) is a myth in modern software teams. 

The software development life cycle requires perfect functioning of many complex variables while the JTBDs for developers keep increasing… 

This blog is by Saumya who helps KushoAI reach more devs and writes everything from AI tech deep-dives to poetry. If you like this post, try KushoAI today, and start shipping bug-free code faster!

At KushoAI, we’re building AI agents that will give developers an extra pair of eyes and hands. A secret helper that takes care of the parts of a developer’s job they keep pushing to the next day, for example, testing or system health. 

The best part is that KushoAI is trained for a special purpose (unlike some MCU heroes who have to save humanity) we’re thinking only of the millions of software developers whose lives can be more productive, creative, and happier. 

If you’re a developer keen to be one of the first to use our AI agents, you can DM us at https://twitter.com/kushoai or https://in.linkedin.com/company/kusho.

Steve Jobs famously said that a computer is a bicycle for the mind, and if we stretch that metaphor across the 21st century, it’s clear that AI is nothing short of a racecar. 

Thank you for reading and joining us on this journey.

At KushoAI, we're building an AI agent that tests your APIs for you. Bring in API information in any format and watch KushoAI turn it into fully functional and exhaustive test suites in minutes.